Selected Videos

The earliest of these clips are the first three, from that distant era when teensy video windows were the standard (you'll find that Chrome and Safari browsers work best with these). The others range from 2005 through 2010.
The Psychasthenia Trailer
Edited by Daniel Vatsky, music by DJ Olive from "Bodega" (theAgriculture AG026) • 75 seconds


'RNC Deathray'
Live performance at P.S. 122 two weeks before the 2004 Republican National Convention • 4 minutes


'Lost in the Unisphere'
A live performance excerpt from The Nanolove Report at Collective:Unconscious Theater during The Psychasthenia Society's 2005 run • storytelling: Jon Brunelle • video: Daniel Vatsky • audio: Mad EP • 10 minutes


'NYC Subway Bopdance'
One of The Psychasthenia Society's most popular stories • 'Race against time' music by End, from "The Sounds of Disaster" (Ipecac IPC49) • 5 minutes


'The Legend of Tyler and Marla'
Live performance at 92YTribeca's 2009/10 New Year's Eve party • Music: 'Secret Society' by David Last, from "The Push Pull" (theAgriculture AG039) • 3 minutes


Excerpt from Better Love Through Surveillance
A pre-Snowden "motivational lecture," mounted when surveillance was still the elephant in the room — note the quaint reference to ATM deposit envelopes • Live performance with Forward Motion Theater, June 2010 • 4 minutes


'My Therapist, Jack Bauer'
This one was pulled out frequently during the peak popularity of TV's '24' • Live performance at Monkey Town, screen images and voiceover only • 4.5 minutes